05 / 2019

When Buying Property in Turkey Turkey Will and Heritage

Do you plan on buying property in Turkey? First, take a look at our simple guide on buying real estate in Turkey?

Many people, when they visited Turkey once, start thinking of buying property in Turkey. Some of them they are very much in love with Turkey say they bought property while on vacation.

Why? The answer is simple: -

Cheaper property, cheaper life, cheaper invoices, cheaper food, sun, sand, beaches, beauty, breathtaking landscapes, some of the most beautiful islands of the media, traditional tours. In addition to all these advantages, Turkey is still the old, traditional and traditional Turkish sense of the most modern restaurants, bars, stores and manages to keep merging in many towns and cities with hotels.

Are you more interested in buying property in Turkey to do more?

Turkish law that contains the property you own upon death may be quite different from other countries. If you plan to have live or own property in Turkey, Turkey, Turkey is important to know the Heritage Act.

The Turkish legal system is now integrated with the European Continent System, which incorporates elements of German, French, Swiss and Italian laws, so it is important to understand the differences in inheritance law for immovable objects. Immovable object is classified as having a property in Turkey (ie you can not move or you can not get with you)

property in Turkey, regardless of which nation you are organized and governed by Turkish law. If you have the property and you die without a testament and if you are married, your Turkish property is divided into the following lines: -

If you die without a Turkish Will - the following Law will apply
If the property is in common names, your spouse will automatically retain 50% of the property,
The first heirs will be the children of the deceased and the other 50%.
However, if the property is owned jointly, the spouse receives 25% of the share and reduces the child's share to 25%.
If the property is not in common names, the children are the first heir, the children automatically receive 75% of the legal share.
If the child is NO, the parents of the dead will inherit 50%. With the parents of the parents, the brothers of the dead will automatically receive 25% of the legal share.
If parents are not alive, grandparents and pups are true heirs.
If she doesn't survive next to her relative, the wife gets everything.
If there are no survivors, the Turkish government retains ownership.
Creating Turkish Will
In order to create a Turkish Will, it must be in the form specified in the Turkish Civil Code. A foreign will does not comply with Turkish law and may be invalid.
You must be 'sane' and you should be over 15 years of age.
This will, together with the two witnesses, may be written, officially or orally before a Turkish Notary or Peace Justice (A Judge). If the verbal is written, a holograph is written in the handwriting and given to the court for safe storage.
Officers provide more security when executed in front of officers and are less likely to be void after death.
A notary is held and maintained in notary public offices or judges in a court of law.
A copy is available upon request.
Please note: The will can be canceled for many reasons after death. Get advice of a lawyer if a Turkish will is kept and kept at a notary or a court of law.

As parents, you can ask your children to acquire property while they are still alive. This can be done, but both parents need to be married, and parents can manage property when they are still alive, or parents can assign a third party to manage the property.

Turkish laws are complex and sometimes difficult to understand. As you can see, when it comes to death, the law is in favor of protecting the extended family.

Overall the choice is yours.
No - Leave the property share to the Turkish law that separates the property between the extended family.
Create a will - gain the power of what happens to your property.
Now that you know a little bit about Heritage and Will in Turkey, if you need more information about buying property in Turkey, please do not hesitate to contact us.