Public Health Insurance
Turkey has its very own public healthcare system, which is readily available for foreign residents who pay social security contributions via their employer.   All residents in Turkey are given an identification number which is their social security number.

Universal Health Insurance
Foreign resident permit holders living for at least one year in Turkey and whom do not hold any other health cover plan in their own country, can apply for SGK.  This enables healthcare cover for approximately 425TL per month and entitles them to unlimited healthcare.

If you joined SGK BEFORE 29th May 2013 you are now able to OPT OUT by declaring this in writing at your local SGK office.  If you are deciding to leave Turkey or wish to join another health care scheme, you can also opt out of SGK by explaining this to your local office.

Private Health Care
Depending on age and previous ailments,  private cover can range from 1000TL to 2000TL per year depending  if or not you wish to have family cover.  Private cover offers you the highest level of cover and enables treatment at private hospitals.  Private hospitals generally are better equipped, less crowded and lower waiting times.

In order to obtain a Residence Permit, Health Insurance is compulsory for those under 65.