Kalkan is a very old picturesque fishing town.  It lies on the Mediterranean coast between Kas and Fethiye.  It is famous for its narrow winding streets and white-washed houses descending to the sea, festooned with brightly coloured bougainvillea and exquisite rooftop restaurants.

Kalkan enjoys around 300 days of sunshine a year.  Those liking a laid back bohemian type lifestyle will feel free in this beautiful stylish location.
A hundred years ago, the majority of Kalkan inhabitants were Greeks. They left in 1923 because of the Exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey, after the Greek/Turkish War.  Today, abandoned Greek houses can still be seen in and around Kalkan.
Kalkan was an important harbour town until the 1970s as the only seaport in the area.  It declined after construction of the Fethiye road.  In recent years the harbour was revived after the emergence of the tourism industry in the region.  Kalkan is increasingly popular these days as a holiday destination especially with British people who, in a recent survey, represented 96% of all visitors to the area.  The Independent Newspaper voted Kalkan as the best tourist destination for those seeking a romantic vacation.
Kalkan is well connected to several historical sites such as Tlos, Kekova and accessible to many fine beaches such as Patara and Kaputus Beach.