As of June 2015, Turkish law has changed regarding the application procedure to obtain residency in Turkey.     

Resident permits applications are now applied for via the NEWLY established Directorate
General of Migration Management (DGMM) by completing an on-line application form at the E- Residency application Site at the following address:

Please Note:-  For first time applications, foreginers must complete the on-line application form to obtain an appointment with their nearest DGMM office.  Once you complete the on-line form for first time residency, the new system will automatically locate your nearest DGMM office.   The system will also automatically calculate the application and card fee and allocate you with possible appointment dates.  The foreign applicants can legally reside in Turkey once the application form has been submitted whilst awaiting an appointment date.  Please also note:-  The application form whilst in process does not give you any rights to enter or exit Turkey.

Applications for a Residency Extension are also made through the e-residency system.
Applicants are required to to complete a similar document on-line and send the required documents along with the application form and payments to their nearest DGMM office within 30 days of completing the on-line application form.   Following completion of the on-line application process a Application document for residence permit is produced by the system.  Foreigners are then allowed to legally reside in the country whilst the application is being processed. 

There are 6 types of Residency Permit Applications.
Short term residency permit   (one year,two year or renewal application)
Family residence permit
Long term residence permit  (You must have resided in Turkey uninterrupted for 8 years)
Humanitarian residence permit
Residence permit issued to victims of human trafficing.
The majority of those applying for residency will apply for Short Term Residence.

The following Documents Are Required For Each Person Applying For Short Term Residency.
Application Form
Passport,  Passport must be translated, notarized and stamped at nearest notary office
Photographs, 4 passport size photographs
Passport Photocopies - of certain pages within your passport –
The page showing your photograph
The page stamped at your last entry into Turkey
The expiration page of your passport.
Notarized and stamped at your nearest notary office

Bank Statement
A most recent bank statement confirming you have a monthly income of not less than 850tl per month to live on. Or, a balance of at least 10,200 Turkish lira or foreign currency equivalent.  The required amount to have in your bank may vary from city to city.  Please check with your nearest DGMM office. 

Health Insurance 
Valid health insurance and documents/policy to prove. (under 65 only)
Health Insurance must be valid in Turkey
SGK (Turkish insurance) is acceptable but not for first time applications.

Tapu/Rental Agreement
Photocopy of your rental agreement for the property you are residing in, or a copy of your TAPU.
If married with joint Tapu.  You will need to provide a copy of your marriage certificate.

Tax Number
Turkish Tax number from local Tax office

Current Residency
Existing Residence Permit booklet

Current Address
Recent place of residence certificate from your nearest nufus office showing your place of residency.

If you have any further questions or queries regarding residency in Turkey please contact us direct at  For updates regarding visa rules and regulations please visit our page Turkish Visa Application Process . We will keep our page up to date with all the latest information as and when it is legally published.

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