Faralya and Butterfly Valley are situated at the foothill of Babadag Mountain on the Mediterranean Coast.  Access to Faralya is by road about a 15 minute drive along the coast road from the stunning Oludeniz beach resort popularly regarded as the Turkish Riviera. 

Butterfly Valley is a narrow valley that stretches from a wide strip of sandy beach to around 3 miles inland.  The walls of the canyon are sheer and rise to a height of about 1300 feet.  A trail in the valley leads to two waterfalls that emerge from a spring in Faralya village some 1200 feet above the canyon. 

Due to its natural beauty, Butterfly Valley is a special ecotourism attraction.  It is protected by The World Heritage Foundation.  The valley is open all year round and popular with people who enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, scuba diving and canoeing.
Faralya is authentic Turkey.  Untouched, laid back and loved by tourists and Turkish people alike.  It retains its village status, is relatively unpopulated and therefore tranquil and relaxed.  Consequently, due to Faralya being the perfect setting for a retreat, there are several private boutique type establishments tucked away in the area that are increasingly popular in attracting various types of ‘celebrity’ and sporting stars trying to gain brief respite from the bright lights, paparazzi and TV cameras.  
Faralya is a magical place for destressing, detoxing and taking in some yoga.  Your days here will be lazy, relaxing and the evening sunsets are amazing.

Recent changes to the Council Planning rules has provided significant investment opportunities in Faralya.  The council have allowed land owners to release land for sale.  As a result of this, we think that Faralya will soon become a 'Property Hot Spot'  This is one of the only areas where investors are able to buy plots of land with a FULL SEA VIEW.  A very rare opportunity indeed!  Consequently, if you are interested in a design and build development opportunity, please get in touch with us.   

Oludeniz Homes have a fantastic portfolio of land for sale in Faralya.  We have a wide range of plot sizes available, all of which come with outling development approval.  We can also provide you with design plans, planning application, project management etc.  Please talk to us about if this is something that you want to consider.