Dalaman is mainly known for its international airport which serves as a gateway to the tourists who visit this part of Turkey every year, heading especially to seaside resorts to the west and east such as Marmaris, Fethiye, Ölüdeniz and Hisarönü.

Apart from aviation, Dalaman plays host to one of Turkey's biggest open prisons where less dangerous prisoners are sent as part of their rehabilitation programme.  A state farm is present in Dalaman.  Agriculture, particularly citrus fruits, plays an important role in the local economy, since it is situated in a fertile plain at sea level.
Dalaman is an area of natural beauty.  It is located between the sea and mountains and benefits from its proximity to many areas of interest both historical and geographic interest such as the Dalyan river, mud baths, and ancient tombs.

Dalaman is now rapidly becoming an investment area for many Europeans purchasing property for investment in Turkey. Probably because the town has recently been designated a major tourist area.  There are plans underway to build a brand new marina and a professional golf course.

Dalaman town itself has many shops, restaurants, bars and tea gardens and is growing quickly due to the investment in the area. 

Dalaman has its own large natural beach, although not overly commercialised it is still a pleasant place to visit.

The town is ideally situated for access to lots of resort areas but perfect if you prefer a quieter place to base yourself.