Fethiye is a treasure of the Turkish coast.  The people who live there will almost certainly give you a warm welcome.  The town, on the turquoise coast of Turkey has grown from a modest trading port/fishing village to a rapidly expanding vibrant town and tourist holiday destination.  If you are thinking about buying property in Turkey, why not visit our viewing trips to Turkey page and book an property inspection trip with us. 
The wonderful things to discover in Fethiye are very varied.  From those with an interest in history and nature to those looking for sun, sea and great food, there is something for everyone in Fethiye.
In the last ten years Fethiye has become a magnet for British, Russian, German and many European citizens.  Apart from its climate and natural beauty, British people are attracted by its less expensive lifestyle and the hospitality of the local people.  Statistically, there are between 34,000 and 38,000 Brits living in and around the area of Fethiye 7,000 of which live permanently within the town boundaries.  These numbers swell to approximately 600,000 British tourists who visit Fethiye during the summer months every year.
Fethiye is the regional main commercial centre where you will find all the usual services such as banks, post office, solicitors, police, council, hospitals etc at your disposal.  As a popular yachting centre, there are plans to develop the harbour to enable cruise ships to also access the area.  This is having a very positive effect in the property market.

In terms of places of interest, there are far too many to mention here but check out the Fethiye Museum, which is very rich in ancient artefacts and displays and testifies to the successive chain of civilizations that existed in the area, starting with the ancient Lycians.