Ölüdeniz (literally translating Dead Sea originating from a love story in ancient times) located off the Southwest coast of Turkey.  This charming little town comprises the beautifully panoramic expanse of the Belcekiz Beach which is enclosed in a mountainous embrace.  Towering over the bay of Ölüdeniz is the famous Babadağ Mountain (also known as the Father Mountain), which is part of the magnificent Taurus Mountain range complex.  Fabuolusly scenic views every where you turn Ölüdeniz throughout to Fethiye. Babadağ Mountain now a celebrity for the adventure air sport of paragliding rating as one of the best in the world.   Paragliders flying all around above this sunny resort with particular attraction to the also famous tail end of the Oludeniz beaches, The Blue Lagoon and landing before your eyes right onto the beachfront.  The mountains appreciated throughout the year, from the paragliders that take-off and give their magnicient shows to the snow capped beauties they are in the winter.

The exciting launch of the new arrival and completion of The Skywalk Cable Car Project, will carry visitors to and from the summit of Babadağ Mountain. The Skywalk will include ski lifts aswell as cable lines.  The lifts will run between the impressive heights of the 1700-1800m and 1800-1900m take –off points at the top. With no better way to experience and see the sights of the area, this Project will offer the unique opportunity for passengers to be emersed in the breathtaking wonder that is Ölüdeniz from the Blue Lagoon, being engulfed in the mountains and literary walk through the sky around the paragliders.  After enjoying the fabulous views, passengers can spend time at the top and enjoy the restaurant, cafes and other planned leisure facilities. Alternatively, they will be able to book tandem paragliding jumps down and land in style on the famed Ölüdeniz beachfront. The Project will contribute greatly to Fethiye and will be an important center of attraction of a wide tourism destination in the region.  At present the site welcomes about 100,000 paragliders annually.  Based on inital plans it is forecasted that the Project will attract 1,000,000 tourists annually with substantial contribution to the regional economy and not only Fethiye.


The Blue Lagoon is the much photographed gem of Turkey’s Southern Coast, famous for its varying mesmorising aquatic shades, sandy private beaches and National forest park area.The beach itself is a pebble beach. The lagoon is a national nature reserve and construction is strictly prohibited.

The main beach of the Ölüdeniz resort,is a long stretch of coarse sand and shingle beach known as Belcekiz Beach. There is a strip alongside the seafront promenade with a number of relaxing bars and restaurants, serving local and international cuisine. Shops stay open well into the night. It is a perfect family resort, great for a laid-back beach holiday.   Plenty of facilities available but not overdeveloped being protected from construction to preserve the tourist attraction and the stunning views. The land around Oludeniz and the beach has been officially designated a protected area and has been converted into a National Park.  Witness the most mesmorising Picture perfect sunset framing the beach, mountains and maybe a paraglider flying through.

Oludeniz is 14 kilometres from the city of Fethiye, and the winding road that leads you there, is surrounded by pine trees making the area well known for the production of honey. There are numerous hotels and restaurants in the region but construction is strictly banned in the area of the Oludeniz Lagoon and the Kidrak Beach because these sites are classified as special protected areas.

Ölüdeniz is difinitelya location to be put on your bucket list to visit. From the breathtaking sea and mountain views, a family friendly well-loved area while still romantic, paragliding, the famous Blue Lagoon and much much more. Whether you make a visit, invest or choose to reside nearby, Ölüdeniz has something for everbody.