Turkey is now attracting more nationalities than ever before which results in more properties being purchased throughout Turkey.  It comes as no surprise as Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and yet still awaiting to be discovered by many a budding tourist and property investor.

The cost of buying property in Turkey can differ from region to region, however lower property prices are attracting overseas buyers, in particular the BritishGerman and Russians are high investors along with Middle Eastern Purchasers.  

Along with the low cost of property, low cost of living is also a great attraction.  On average living costs are 50-60% below that of the UK, which allows a retired couple or persons to live comfortably on their pension or savings. 

The cost of Buying a home in Turkey will vary between regions and towns, but on average we advise you to budget approximately the followng:-

Legal Fees:  Included if using our own Independent Lawyer

Property Purchase Tax (Stamp Duty)                 4.2% of the price of the property

Land Search Fee                                              485 GBP

Land Registry                                                   200 GBP

Estate Agency fee                                             3% 

Notary costs (legal documentation stamp)       200 GBP

Transfer of utility names                                   175 GBP

Now that you are fully aware of the buying process and purchasing costs, viewing trips to turkey with Oludeniz Homes are a great way to search and select your perfect home in the Sun.