At Oludeniz Homes, we receive a lot of enquiries regarding the possibility of purchasing land and building on it.

Not only does this option enable you to create your very own bespoke home in Turkey, designed home of your choice, it can also benefit you financially.  Building your own home can save you money in the long run and gives you the satisfaction of creating something yourself.

However, there are a few factors you need to consider. Here we will give you a brief outline of things to consider. For more information please contact our Director Ogun Eldemir for a more in-depth discussion.

Must be approved for residential building.  At Oludeniz Homes, we make sure all land for sale is approved for build. However, if you see a plot of land you wish to aquire which is not on our books, but you wish to purchase via Oludeniz Homes,  we can complete all checks with the local land registry and council offices for approval.  A construction licence is also required by the local authority to which you will need to provide the following to gain this licence.

Tapu (Title Deed of the land owner),  Architectural Drawings, Electrical & Mechanical Installation Drawings, Approval from a government approved construction company that they will ensure all work is carried out according to the approved plans.  A small fee is required with licence approval within 30 days.

Permit has been granted therefore you must start the build within two years and completed within 5 years.  You must make sure that construction is maintained according to the approved plans.  The building must adhere to construction regulations and earthquake proofing.

Following the build, a living permission permit is required.  This effectively states the building can be occupied legally and lived in.  If you do not aquire this permit, utility services cannot be connected.

If you are not available to supervise the build yourself daily, we advise you to make sure someone reliable and trustworthy is on site to manage all activity.  Or, we at Oludeniz Homes can take care of site and project management on your behalf.

Too hot, hence less productive labour, hence costly if build continues for longer than necessary. Choose the months wisely to commence building.  Generally the season when development work takes place is from November to end of April.  No One wants to hear Jack Hammers when they are sunbathing around their pools in Summer!

Consider them at all times and how the build effects your neighbours.  Explain to them what is happening and gain their friendship.  Assure them, the build will not effect them in any way and any mess created will be swiftly cleared up.  Gain their confidence that you are considering their living environment also. 

Knowledge is power!  Try to understand the basics of construction and also regulations for earthquake construction in Turkey to help you with any questions you may have if any problems occur.

If you wish to recieve further information regarding building in Turkey including building and earthquake regulations please do not hesitate to email us or speak with our Director Ogun direct on 0090 544 822 7033