Top 10 Tips

Summers on the  Mediterranean coast of Turkey are hot and the chances to  experience heat waves are very high.As much as we love the summer and we wait for the hot days, a heat wave can cause problems if we  don’t take some percussions 

Here are Oludeniz Homes we have come up with our own Top Ten Tips on how to stay cool during the high temperatures.


  1. Water! Although this may seem obvious, many people forget to drink enough water to stay hydrated and with high temperatures come fluid loss from your body.  Sip plenty of water throughout the day.

  2. Avoid drinks with caffeine along with alcohol, both dehydrate your body whilst increasing the metabolic heat in your body.  Try to stick to mineral water or low sugar fizzy drinks.

  3. Rather than eat large meals try to eat small and often.  Larger meals also increases the metabolic rate in your body to break down the food.  Also foods high in protein increases metabolic heat.

  4. Keep curtains closed in your house, to avoid the hot sun shining through.

  5. Avoid wearing make up. Make up can delay the sweating process making you feel hotter.

  6. Wear breathable footwear and lighter coloured clothes, lighter colourd clothes reflects the sun. Avoid darker clothes as this attracts the sun.

  7. Run your wrists under a cold tap every couple of hours for 5-10 seconds.  A main vein passes through the wrist which helps cool the bloood.

  8. Before going to bed, take a cool shower just below body temperature.  Avoid a cold shower, as once you exit the shower, your body will automatically generate heat to compensate for the body's heat loss in the cold shower.  It may also help to wrap a bed sheet in a plastic bag and put in the fridge for a couple of hours before bedtime.

  9. Women can lower their body temperatures by using Aloe Vera body moisturizer morning and evening.

  10. The night before you head to the beach, put some cloths or flannels in the freezer.  Take them with you to the beach wrapped inside a plastic bag or better still a cooler bag.  When feeling hot, take them out and place over your face. 


  1. Eat Spicy,   Yes, this may sound like the last thing you feel like eating whilst hot.  However, researchers say chillies and curries can stimulate the heat receptors in your mouth and enhance sweating and circulation which in turn causes sweating ultimately cooling the body down.

  2. Drink Herbs,  Chrysanthemum tea is a cooling herb help the clear the mind also.