Are you looking to sell your home in Turkey? This may surprise you but, a great many of the properties we sell are not traditionally advertised in the media and do not appear on websites. This is because Oludeniz Homes have a has database of pre-qualified private buyers who come to us with specific requirements.  Our clientele is wide-ranging, from individuals and families looking to purchase a holiday home in the sun to business organisations wanting to place large amounts of capital into buy-to-let property investments. Our client base is also geographically diverse.  We have details of potential customers in the UK, Turkey, Holland, Germany, UAE, USA and Russia all looking for the right property to become available in this area.

Selling property in Turkey is our specialality with our match making service, putting buyers and sellers together meeting the specifications of our clients and investors.  Our customers who are selling property in Turkey receive a pre-qualified check to discuss specific requirements. We then match the property and needs with someone on our database that we have already pre-qualified who will have the finances in place to support a quick sale. 

Once we have identified a suitable buyer for your property, we help organise flights and transfer them to the resort, accommodate them, accompany them on viewings and take them through the buying process.  We will negotiate the very best price we can for you.

At Oludeniz Homes our employees are English/Turkish/Arabic speaking who are fully qualified and registered to sell property in Turkey.  We offer fast and accurate friendly advice to you and keep you informed of all events during the selling process.  We also make it easy for buyers to purchase the property we have.  We take care of the buyers needs during the buying process.  From translation of passports, obtaining a tax number, opening a bank account, surveyor report - we make the process as quick and efficient as we can.

In terms of technology for selling property in Turkey, we have a state of the art fully compliant global search engine friendly website that has been optimised to achieve high page rankings on all major web portals.  We will also advertise your property on our UK and Russian partners websites to gain maximum exposure on the internet.   In addition, we have extended our advertising exposure via social media. 

Today, you will find Oludeniz Homes on the most popular social media platforms such as FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram, and Google+

If you are thinking about selling the property you own here in Turkey, why not contact us for a free, no-obligation discussion. We would be more than happy to give you our friendly free advice.

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