It’s a fact that given the budget, most people may prefer to purchase a brand new property. It’s an exciting prospect shopping for interior decorations and furniture isn’t it?  But, for others, there is another perhaps more lucrative option to explore that has a whole set of advantages to it.  We are talking about the potential advantages about buying a pre-owned property in the Resale market.

The biggest advantage of buying a property in the Resale market is that you can get a handsome discount compared to buying a new property.  Many Resale properties on the market are being sold because the owners have decided to either downsize to somewhere smaller or, indeed, return back to their homeland to be with family.  The owners have had their enjoyment from their much-loved investment but there comes a time to move on.

In addition to the advantage of securing an attractive price for a Resale property, there are several other advantages:

Chances are the Vendors will include the fixtures and fittings within the sale price.

All of the snagging has been sorted, all those niggling problems you get with new builds will have been fixed.

You may benefit from the advantage of inheriting an established mature landscaped garden and outdoor area including outdoor furniture and sunbeds etc.

 In terms of an investment, with the savings on the price, you may be able to upscale to a bigger better property than you would be able to afford with a new build or indeed, have enough left within your budget to make some minor alterations to put your own stamp on your property.

Older Resale properties are invariably more conveniently located for the local amenities.  Generally as builders continue to build new properties they can only build on available land which is usually further away from the centre and in the outlying areas.

Resale properties can be larger than the equivalent new builds.  They may have larger rooms, better layouts and feel a great deal more spacious.

Keep in mind that the real question shouldn’t be about whether to buy a new or used home. It’s more about figuring out which individual property will best meet your family’s needs. And don’t forget, Oludeniz Homes have a fantastic selection of new and resale properties available for you to view.